# Introduction to the API

Welcome to the Classpert API Documentation.

This is the general API introduction page. For more details on the specific APIs, please read the Courses API and the Providers API Documentation Pages.

# API Keys

Before using the API it's necessary to generate an API Key. Please read the API Keys Documentation Page for more information

# Endpoints

The base URL for all V1 HTTPS endpoints is:


# Response Codes

The Classpert API uses HTTP response status codes bellow.

Code Status Description
200 OK
204 No Content Request is OK but there is no content to be shown. Used on successful PATCH and DELETE requests
400 Bad Request Request invalid. Usually details describing the reason are also provided
401 Unauhtorized Invalid or Absent API Key
406 Not Acceptable

# Rating Limit

All of Classpert's API have a rate limit of 1 request per second.