# API Keys

# Introduction

The Classpert API uses API Keys for authentication. All of Classpert API Keys are composed of a 22 character preffix, following a dot and a 88 character suffix.

Example API Key:


This API Key belongs to the User Account, not the Provider, therefore, it's possible for different User Accounts to operate a single Provider, and for for a single User Account to operate several Providers. Each User Account can have at most one active API Key at a given moment.

You can use you API Key to access both the Providers and Courses REST API. For all API calls, it is required to add the API Key in the request, using the X-Api-Key Header.

# API Key Generation

To generate a new API Key, please follow the steps bellow:

  • Login in the account you wish to generate the API Key for
  • Access the Developers Dashboard page
  • Prove your Provider's Domain Ownership

Once those steps are completed, your API Key will be generated and shown to you. After the API Key for your account is generated, you can start using it right away.

Please be mindful that, after the API Key is generated, it will only be shown to the user once. Once generated, only the preffix (the first 22 characters) of you active API Key are shown in the Dashboard.

If the API Key is lost, there is no way of retrieving it, and a new one must be generated.